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Making Independent Music HISTORY.

Two weeks ago, my band, The Eastern Gate, released our first album - "Seraphim". As proof of what social marketing can really do, in a matter of hours we hit #200 on Amazon MP3's top selling digital albums. This was from no advertising, and minimal promotion. Our few fans from Hillsdale College heard something they liked, and they told everyone they could. As a result, we beat out bands spending 10's of thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing with a simple Facebook event.

Well, we were floored, but at the same time not surprised. The advent of connected technologies on the internet has once again made plain old word-of-mouth KING of the marketing world. Information can spread from person-to-person over Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks FAR faster than any advertising campaign could ever replicate.

Well, we're at it again, and this time we're spending a bit more energy on getting the information out. Unstoppable Studios launched a brand new website for The Eastern Gate and we're using the cutting edge in community building and social marketing to try to make History. If all goes well, Monday will be a historic event for independent artists everywhere.

Interested? Check out the website (and join our community by logging-in on the sidebar with your Google or Twitter account!), scope out our music, and help us make history.

Posted by Alex --- 01.16.2009

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